A long, long, looonnnnggggggg time ago, A young Syxx Figgaz found love in a mix tape that his older brother made. When he asked him to make him a copy of the mixtape he responded with "No, go and make it yourself". Unaware of how to mix, he showed the young Syxx Figgaz the basics of mixing. On his own, he practiced many nights making various tapes and cds; listening to them over and over to perfect his craft. He got so caught up in the art of djing, that he didn’t complete the mixtape he wanted to make until 2003! After many requests from friends and family, he began taking his talents out for the public to hear. It wasn’t long before he started playing at family events, parties, and nightclubs. Now, working to push forward his business, DJ Syxx Figgaz is widely known for making mixtapes that one can’t turn away. From Soca to Techno music, this DJ electrifies the night with his ability to transfer any party into one people can call a night to remember.

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">Vitamin Syxx Pt. 19

tapes/vitaminsyxxpt17.jpg" data-downloadable="yes" data-duration="80:16">

Vitamin Syxx Pt. 18

  • Vitamin Syxx Pt. 17

  • /p> 2022 Feb Bday Party

  • 2021 UA PCA Fall Fete

  • Socavivor Pt. 38

  • Socavivor Pt. 37

  • Vitamin Syxx Pt. 18

  • Vitamin Syxx Pt. 17

  • xfiggaz.net/music/fullmixes/merengue.mp3" data-thumbpath="../app/mixtapes/2016gospel.jpg" data-downloadable="yes" data-duration="06:16">

    Merengue Demo Mix